Festivals, wildlife and delicious rice & curry

Sri Lanka is not the kind of place where you are happy with spending just 10-14 days…with so much to do around and especially the amazing beaches you can discover, cheap accommodation and great rice & curry, you can easily spend here 1-2 months and you might still feel it is not enough.

During our trip we had plenty of experiences worth talking about but definitely the most impressive have been the Festival of the final fool moon of the year organized in the temple of Weherahena in Matara, a turtle that came on the beach one night to place her eggs and the safari in Yala National Park.

We loved to be amongst locals, to surf the nice waves that were working in the South, refresh ourselves in Weligama with the tastiest juices you could ever have chosen from tens of types available in the menu, made from all the fruits you can imagine, the majority of which we never even heard about before. Pretty much every little step you take over there is an experience. From the crazy driving style you will definitely come across if you travel to Sri Lanka to living with noisy animals above your head, as the fauna is so rich and squirrels, geckos and other reptiles are found pretty much everywhere.

For me as I was not used to this, was an experience that started with a few sleepless nights that Jose found very funny. Mountain, sea, all sorts of adventure sports you can think of, elephants, leopards and crocodiles are just a few of the beauties of Sri Lanka. Is not the kind of relaxed trip but more for adventurers and nature lovers. We will go back without any doubt to explore more in-depth the lovely Sri Lanka.



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