Magical Tarifa

In a moment of spontaneity we decided a few days ago to visit Tarifa, thus we jumped in the van and drove for about 100 km west to explore a region yet unknown by me. With the stand-up paddle board on top of the car and the smiles on our faces we began our journey.

Being the southernmost point of Europe and the place where the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean meet, located on the strait of Gibraltar, gives the impression of a forgotten land, almost like something magical is going on in this mystical place. Jose mentioned it many times before as being one of his favorite places in Spain so now was the time for me to see and feel the beauty of it too.

With a strong wind blowing from the West or East (poniente or levante as the Spanish call them) most of the year makes it the Mecca of Kitesurfing and Windsurfing  during the summer in Spain and a great place for Surfing during the winter. The beach Valdevaqueros found near the city is still wild, being a natural reservation with no building rights in the area…thus, there is a very strong connection with the nature. The whole area is wild and untouched. Hundreds of windsurfers and kitesurfers can be seen along the shore all summer long, the kites looking like colors playing on the cloudless blue sky.

The second day we woke up right next to the beach so we had our breakfast in the sun at one of the vintage surf chiringuitos on the beach. We could not wish for a better start of the day.

It continued with a visit to Bolonia, one of the villages nearby, a …white soft sand tickles your feet, the clear turquoise water of the Atlantic Ocean, facing the African continent give you a peaceful feeling. It feels like being away from the society and civilization even though the cities are pretty near. No crowded beaches or loud people, no hotels or loud music around, just the white beaches, us and the sea.

As the summer season finishes, it was the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with some great friends, living the true Tarifa lifestyle. In this scenario we couldn’t have missed the chance to try out some new “toys”.

Tarifa is definitely a place that truly impressed me and I know that we will live there for a while in the near future. There aren’t such beaches in Europe anymore and it gives you a special energy. See you again soon Tarifa!



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