Sri Lanka, the island that has it all!

We are in Sri Lanka for almost one month already…it’s been a while since my last post but this charming country has taken us to places we did not expect to reach this year. Fascinating sights and wildlife, warm people and summer heat is what we are enjoying now.

We have read a couple of posts and travel info before coming to Sri Lanka but as usual our personal impression about the country is close to some of the opinions but far from others. Thus, as a general recommendation, as we have already created a habit of saying, YOU have to see the world with your own eyes. The whole idea of is based on this principle that is being confirmed with every trip we take around the world. So going back to Sri Lanka, this island quite densely populated is surprising us with something new every day, starting with the lifestyle and mentality of the people and continuing with beautiful sights and a weirdly large variety of animals. Rich in resources, the Ceylon country offers beautiful gems, exquisite tea, unique handicrafts and lots of wild elephant herds. It is an island that has it all!

We arrived one month ago to a quiet village in the South, close to Matara, in search of nice waves and for some reason we got stuck here for two weeks before we finally decided is time to explore some other parts of the island. This lovely lively place offered us a quiet house located on the shore of the ocean, with a nice wave breaking 100 m away, amazing snorkeling area with colorful fish and corals and many animals around. In other words…PARADISE…what else could we want from life? 

Jose has his wave right here, 2 houses away we found a yoga teacher and one of the most magnificent cooks in the area and we have all the time in the world to enjoy all these right now. We got lost in time and space, forgetting about watches or what day we were in, for more than 2 weeks.

Then we decided that it was time to move on and see what else this country has to offer as we have to do some field work too. This is how we discovered the beautiful inland area with the ancient cities and Kandy.

Kandy and the central part of the country was very nice, as well as the ancient cities. Out of all the 4 famous ancient cities: Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Dambulla and Sigiriya we were particularly attracted by Sigiriya. Located in a quiet place surrounded by the tropical jungle, populated by warm friendly people, Sigiriya offers one of the most beautiful World Heritage Sites, Sigiriya Rock Fortress (Lion’s Rock). Is definitely a must see…considered the 8th wonder of the ancient world, dating from the 5th century is so imposing and beautiful that it looks like being out of this world.

After a week of wondering around, Jose and I started missing the ocean which is why now we are back to the same place where we were before…surfing, reading, laughing, relaxing in our hammock, biking around the area to see how people live and enjoying some delicious food.



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